Thursday, January 3

Being Alive.

Yesterday Noey and I went out to eat at Roast & Toast for her Christmas present. What's the greatest thing about promising to take her out for soup and coffee? It's a present for me, too! Literally the most delicious food ever, I don't understand how anyone could ever have a distaste for their food! Seriously the best ever. If you're ever in the Petoskey, Michigan area: hit up roast and toast. Go for any one of their soups, ask for a cookie, and definitely order a snowball {get this: white hot chocolate with vanilla and coconut. add some whip cream. that's a snowball.}! Everything about Roast & Toast screams relaxation and comfort. I just lurve it. 

While looking at these pictures I realized that this is probably the first post since November that you've actually seen my face, and the first picture since August {AUGUST!!!} of myself that wasn't taken with my iPhone or Photobooth. I resolve to use my camera more during the next semester, take pictures of my lovely friends, and capture the best experiences. 


  1. That looks amazing! Might make my own snowball this weekend as it sounds delicious!

    Project Rattlebag


  2. Wow you two are definitely sisters! Practically twins! Very pretty too. And if I'm ever in that area of Michigan I'll check that place out. Haha

    1. Haha, we've heard that a lot throughout our lives!

  3. That restaurant sound amazing,it looks like you and your friend had a nice time. That is a really good photo of you,too! :)


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