Friday, November 2

Fall {in} Love

For all the freshman {and transfers} who attend Bethel you go through this thing called FYE your first semester. What is FYE {otherwise known as Block} you ask? Two days a week you have two classes with the same people from 9:30 until 2:00. Not only do you have class with these people, you also get to know them as friends because you're with them for such a long period of time. Yesterday was a field trip for Block where we went to Potato Creek Park, basically a nature preserve. It was really cold, and we hiked, and just so you know Converse are not the ideal hiking shoes. It was nice. It reminded me of home. 
A few weeks back was fall break and the fall colors were in full swing. I took these pictures and as I was out walking yesterday it reminded me of them. I miss home. In a few short{ish} weeks I will be home again, but in the meantime: I miss it. I miss my dirt roads and my woods. I miss my kitty, and I miss my Hunter. Oh, to be home again. 

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