Friday, June 1

You Are Dear To Me

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Rain. You make everything grow, and you make everything such a pretty color of green. The bright green leaves against the blue, blue sky can't be topped. It's beautiful.
Puppy. You look so elegant, even when you're being a goof. As much as you annoy me, you're really pretty darn sweet.
Nail polish. You make my toes so pretty, and you give me something to do when it's raining and I can't be outside. 
Piano. I don't know what I would do with my time if not for you and playing and making music. It's one of the most beautiful things in the world. You bring beauty to the world, and all I need to do is learn about you to unlock everything the world has to offer.
Lemon water. You really are delicious and seeing as I love you so much I'm sort of sorry that I drink you. But not really. Cause you're delish. 
Hunter. Even though you're not with me today because you're out being a big kid working (First day on the job, too!), I love you. And I wish I was with you. I had the best time ever with you Wednesday, but I'm sure the next time we're together will be the best time ever again. You're really the bees knees.

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