Tuesday, June 5


How pretty are Kati's moles? I love them.
I've discovered I'm a drinkaholic. My first tea of the day: Nasty. This is not good. Do not drink. Casie's hair is pretty much just the prettiest thing on the planet, amirite? Okay, this picture was actually taken by Casie. But I liked it. And thought I should appear in at least one. Second tea of the day. Actually delicious. Highly recommended.
Funny thing. There's this rivalry between Hunter and I any time I wear anything that says Michigan State on it. Him and Tanner are huge Wolverines fans, and they seem to think I'm in love with Michigan State. When in reality I'm just given clothes sometimes, and they happen to say State on them. These are mega comfy, though. 
I'm really wanting to turn into a better picture taker. I won't say "photographer" because I think that word is thrown around way too freely. Sort of like anyone can be a singer with auto-tune, anyone can be a photographer with Photoshop. All I want is to take quality pictures. So these past few days I've really tried just taking pictures. Taking pictures and pictures and pictures. Of everything I think is pretty. I just want to document life in every way possible. Through blogging. Through pictures. Through writing. I want to document every part of this beautiful life. 
So sorry about the complete picture overload. But not really. Because this is my blog and I do what I want. 


  1. OOOh I just love your bracelet!

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  2. Love the pictures but could you make the print below the pictures bigger, I can't read it.


    1. Hopefully this works better for you!


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