Monday, May 14

What I Wore// Practically Perfect in Every Way

White T- Thrifted; Floral Skirt- Candie's; Belt- JC Penney; Grey Heels- Payless; 
What I had originally wanted to say with this post was all about being stressed out... cause I was. And am. But they really don't go with these pictures. After I wrote all that out I started making some videos for upcoming posts, and then took outfit pictures. And suddenly I was happy. Sometimes I just need to goof around and forget about all the obligations I have waiting for me. Just relax, take some goofy pictures, and have fun with life. 
Being a goofball didn't take away the fact that I still am stressed about finishing school, and starting college in a few months. It didn't take away the fact that I'm still stressed out about trying really hard to not stress Hunter out. But it did make me calm down a bit. I feel like these past couple weeks I just keep talking about how stressed I am, and it's true, but I just need more moments where I relax some. 
So, I'm gonna take off these completely adorable heels. Rid myself of my red lips, and throw on some gym shorts and a baggy t-shirt. And go relax. 

PS- This outfit was inspired by Beth's I Could Be A Model post! Pretty fun, eh? 


  1. You look so grown up in the first two pictures!
    In the last two you look more like yourself(:

    I like that red lip on you.

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  2. Dang Girl! You look sooooo pretty in everything involved in this outfit. I love it. (:

  3. nice lipstick! I love the last picture, it's really awesome.

  4. This is such a cute outfit! And you look so happy :) By the way, I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR NEW LAYOUT! Perfection.

  5. This is really cute!! I love that skirt


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