Monday, May 14

20 Things 2.0- Thing 12, 13, & 14

Thing 12-
I still frequently purchase clothing from the little girl's section. I'm tell you, there are some really cute (*cough* *cough* Hello Kitty) stuff. And their bras. Gosh, I love getting bras from the little girls section. It's so annoying to me that once you get down to the smaller sizes in the Junior's or Women's department they automatically assume because you have small boobs you want them to look bigger so the majority of 32A's are pushup bras! But, the little girls section has a wide variety of cute 32A's that aren't pushup bras. Okay, end rant. 

Thing 13-
I'm a really big hockey fan. Maybe it's because I live really close to Canada, or maybe it's a Northern Michigan thing as well. But hockey is the one sport that I can watch and be completely riveted by. Red Wings all the way.

Thing 14-
I'm really bad at making eye contact when I talk to people. I just am not really sure where to look. Do I look at their face as a whole? Do I look at one eye (you can't really look at both...)? Do I look at their nose? Their mouth? It's so confusing. 

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  1. I'm with you on thing 14. I hate eye contact. I can't hold it very long. For number 13, my family is from Canada and they loooovvvee hockey. I'd really like to get into it. I guess I'd be a kings fan because that's what my family is a fan of and it's close to where I live. :)

    For thing 12, I can't relate. Lol

    I really like these thing posts. :)


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