Monday, May 21

What I Wore// Bethel Bound

Brad is drinking lemonade or something. Not beer. Also, I apologize for how blurry the picture of Hunter is. 
So. I'm eighteen now. In my mind eighteen seems so much nicer than seventeen, mainly because I'm fond of even numbers rather than odd. But in reality eighteen really isn't too different from seventeen, except in the fact that I can officially rent movies from my favorite store. Pretty spectacular, eh? 
My whole "birthday weekend" was pretty uneventful, really. It started Thursday with me driving back down to Bethel (Yes. Again.) for registration. Friday I registered for all my classes, Aerobics being one of them. Seriously, it was either Aerobics or Weight Lifting, so I broke down and signed up for Aerobics. Pretty uneventful and boring really. But, I'm officially signed up for everything which is pretty awesome if I do so myself! 
But it was pretty nice being with Hunter on Saturday and Sunday. The kid sort of makes me happier, and he makes me want to be happier. I ended up having a pretty decent birthday, and whole weekend really. With everything though, turning eighteen, registering for classes, I realize that I really am going away. I'm leaving. And all these things remind me more and more often that my Daddy isn't here to do these things with me. Which isn't okay. I'm not going to pretend it's all okay, and I don't mind. It's not okay, but I have to deal with it. It's life. It goes on. But it going on doesn't change anything, doesn't change the facts. The facts being that it's been two years yesterday since my Daddy died. 
Life isn't perfect. My life isn't perfect. But it is my life. It's all mine. Really, that's all we have, isn't it? Our own lives. Our story. Everything else in the world you have to share, and it isn't yours forever. But my life story. It's no one else's but mine. It makes me want to live a great life, make my story good. You know? Or maybe I'm blabbering. As per usual. Anyways, I just want to embrace my life story. The good. The bad. The incredibly depressing. 

P.S. Thing number 20 is that I like even numbers a trillion times better than odd. They even sound nicer, not to mention that they're easier to work with. 


  1. I like even numbers too. Haha if the volume is set to 43, I'm moving it to 44. Lol

    I really liked this post. Happy birthday.

  2. Hannah, I think you are awesome! Happy birthday! =)


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