Wednesday, May 16

I'm As Eloquent As An Elephant

My grad party seems to be coming up increasingly fast and I still don't have all of my cards made (anyone wanna come help me out?). But, I now have some really cool serving thingers. "Thingers" meaning depression glass! How pretty is this stuff? And all for a really great price! All seven pieces for $25 (I also got a Pyrex cup for a dollar!!!)! I'm slowly collecting some pretty glass pieces, and someday I'm going to have the coolest house with the most wicked glassware. 
I'm get really antsy for my party to just be done, now. Does that sound bad? It's just I'm really not excited to talk to a bunch of people and explain a trillion times what a Music Therapist is. I just want to have it be done and over with and get on with my meager life. Again, that probably sounds bad. I'm just not a huge party person, and graduation parties are one of my worst. Topped only by baby/wedding showers. I never want a baby shower, they're just a vehicle for people to guess how much you weigh and other forms of torture. Plus, you always have to play those stupid games. 
Parties just seem like so much work for two to four hours of your life. But, at least mine will be pretty and filled with depression glass and mason jars! 


  1. Oh, are you planning on being a music therapist?

  2. Hey, tie in a summary of what a music therapist is in your pictures/display/speech/whatever it is you're doing for your party. That way you can direct them to it and hey presto! 50% less talking! =D

  3. Maybe on you cards, you could put a paragraph on the back or inside that says something like "Hannah is pursuing a degree in Musical Therapy at *insert college or program here* so that she can help people... in such and such a way." That way, you will have to explain it to a few less people and it sounds like a graduation announcement type thing. Your glassware looks very beautiful. :)



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