Tuesday, May 15

The Day Is Brighter Here With You

What a beautiful day out today! I'm so glad I'm no longer stressed like yesterday. Even though some not fun things happened last night (running into a barbed wire fence with a lawn mower which resulted in me tearing up my legs.) today seems to be much brighter and all around happier. I went to the eye doctor and I'm quite excited about getting myself some new glasses. I've had the same ones for two years now, and I'm in need of a change. Also, on Saturday my Mother let me get a "Wreck This Journal" and I'm so excited about thoroughly wrecking this sucker! Jib and I "wrecked" a few pages today, and we're quite liking our peacock! 
You know those days that just feel wonderful, even though there's not even a specific reason? Yeah, that's today for me. The temperature is perfect. The sky is perfect. I'm reading "The Outsiders" and I've played the piano at my leisure. It's just a good day, you know? Maybe I'll take a nap now in the sun, now. 
I shall leave you all now with a quote I found on Pinterest:

And losing your way on a journey is unfortunate, 
But losing your reason for your journey is a fate more cruel. 
-H.G. Wells

P.S. Go check out my guest post I wrote up for Michelle while she's away! 


  1. I want a Wreck This Journal so bad.

  2. amazing blog!!love your posts!


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