Monday, May 7

20 Things 2.0- Thing 5, 6, & 7

5) When I was younger I could put both legs behind my head. I used to be mega flexible, and could do the splits every way possible. I'm still pretty flexible and can put one leg behind my head but not both. 

6) I cannot wink. It cracks Hunter up, but it's just impossible for me! If I do end up doing it I have to concentrate really, really hard. 

7) I'm a grilled cheese fanatic. Which is pretty weird considering I detest most all dairy products, but there is just something about melted cheese. Mm! Mm! Mmm! 

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  1. Haha, people say I'm still super flexible! I think gymnastics just sticks with you for a while....:) I cant still do the splits, I actually got 22 on my sit and reach in gym, (the highest in the class!) And thats so funny, I'm not able to wink either! My friend Tyler and I always joke around about it.


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