Thursday, May 10

20 Things 2.0- Thing 10

I very rarely eat meat.
It's not that I'm taking a stance against eating meat it's just that I don't like it. I'll eat the occasional hamburger, but meat-wise it's usually just chicken. I've been trying to eat more fish, just because I'm trying to try new things and I really don't mind most fish I've tried. But meat just isn't my thing. I'd rather have a stalk of celery than a big steak any day! 


  1. Your post reminds me of myself shortly before I decided to try being vegetarian... the only meat I ate for the longest time was chicken and then I got sick of that so I stopped with meat entirely.

    Five years later... still vegetarian...

    Tread carefully, dear girl!

    1. I've actually thought about becoming vegetarian. But the thing is that sometimes I *do* want meat, it's just not often. I suspect that once I head off to college I'll probably eat even less meat. But sometimes I just crave a Big Mac so I could never completely deny myself of meat.

  2. Yeah, I almost always eat chicken rather than meat if I have a choice...but I do like it. I just like chicken better. =)

  3. Love this post, haha mainly because I'm vegetarian. :P


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