Tuesday, April 3

What I Wore// My Thoughts Included

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I really love the show "Make It or Break It". I'm generally obsessed with horrible ABC Family shows, but this one has really got my attention right now. It has horrible drama, gymnastics, and once again, horrible drama. What else could one ask for in a TV show?

Today I've had an intense realization that by the end of next month I will no longer be a high school student. Sometimes I feel like I'm so not ready to be graduating, but then other times I'm so ready it's not even funny.

The boy has the cutest freckles. Seriously. I want to count them and touch them all. All over his face. They're wonderful.
Also, I secretly love tickle wars. But don't let him know that. 

I've currently been obsessed with the song "Ours" by Taylor Swift. Some people don't like her, but c'mon. It's T-Swift. I've loved her for a long time, and actually went to a concert of hers once... before she was the headliner. She was touring with Rascal Flatts at the time, which is my all-time favorite band. Of all time. 

I received this huge bruise on the side of my knee Saturday while playing basketball in my cousin's basement. I was learning how to slam dunk and hit my leg against the wooden pole the basketball hoop was attached to. It hurts. Especially when Hunter pokes at it. 

I really like this dress. A lot. I'm planning on wearing it to my graduation party. Also, aren't my earrings the bomb? I won them from a giveaway hosted by the lovely Abbigayle

I really love how for at least a day after you shampoo your hair it still smells so good. I use Garnier's Length and Strength and I love the smell. 

I also am really loving the smell of Spring. Dirt. And trees. And pollen, even. Call me a crazy country girl, but I start getting excited when I can smell the nearby horse and cow manure. It means there's no more frozen anything and Spring has truly sprung! 

Sometimes when I have a headache I massage my head and pull my hair. I swear it helps alleviate the pain. 

I love when the boy just looks at me. Sometimes I feel as if I get shivers from it. His eyes are so blue, and his smile so sweet. It's going to be really hard being away from him come fall. 

I hate when people write in not their real voices. It's just uncomfortable to read. 

My Pandora bracelets need to be cleaned desperately bad. Like. Seriously bad. 

I'm really excited to eat the hamburger that my Mother is making me right now. But, no ketchup please! I despise the stuff. Give me some mustard, baby! 

This is getting really long, but I sort of like the informality of it. But, I'll leave you now. Have a wonderful day. And may the odds be ever in your favor! 


  1. Cute dress!
    Thanks for showing my earrings and sharing a link Hannah(:

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with you about writing in your real voice. I get to a point where I'll look at something I've written and just delete the whole thing because it sounds so stilted. Blogging is about presenting yourself to the world, and if "you" are behind a mask of words you're not being authentic.
    And what a beautiful dress! The lace goes so well with your "vintage-y" theme for your open house. Great find!

  3. Great outfit, the dress is so pretty, you are so beautiful ;)

    I just followed you, hope you will visit my blog and return the favor!

  4. have a nice day.....i was here today to support

  5. Tik Tok? Oh my goodness... Is that Wiress? I'm sorry Hank, I had to. Please tell me you get it.

  6. love the dress! and i love taylor swift <3



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