Friday, March 9

Recipe: Home Elephant Ear

Happy Friday everyone! 
I, for one, am very pleased that it's Friday so in celebration I made myself a little treat that I thought I'd share with you. It's absolutely delicious, and has about the nutrition value of a pencil (actually it probably has less than a pencil... there has to be some fiber in that). 

So let's get started!
What You'll Need:
Tortillas (I prefer using the smaller 8" ones, but I only had the bigger. Use whatever your little heart desires!)
Vegetable Oil
Cinnamon & Sugar 
First, pour your Vegetable Oil into a frying pan and let it warm up. After the oil is warm place your tortilla in the pan. When the tortilla starts to bubble and brown flip it over. Wait until the other side is browned (usually it won't get quite as brown as the first side). Now put your tortilla on a plate covered in paper towel and blot the heck out of it, unless of course you want a drippy oily tortilla. After it's sufficiently blotted butter that thang! Then, using mixed cinnamon and sugar, sprinkle it all over the top. 
Voila! You now have a homemade Elephant Ear of sorts. 


  1. YUM. That's all I have to say. Oh, and that I will be making this ASAP. Thank you. Haha.


  2. Oh my goodness, this looks so simple yet sooo ridiculously delicious! That looks delicious, and perfect for a Friday afternoon treat/reward. Yumm. Thanks for sharing! :)


  3. Holy cow, that looks amazing! I know what I'll be making, thank you so much for posting this!


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