Saturday, March 10

Not My Hair

A few weeks ago Noëlle had Tanner and me* dye some of her hair purple. It turned out great, and last Wednesday she asked me to do "something" with her hair. I, being the braid lover that you all know I am, curled her hair first and then did an upside-down french braid to show of that pretty purple. Does it look fabulous, or does it look fabulous?
I so wish that I had the guts to dye my hair, but alas, I am a hair virgin**. Instead I'll just stick to have my hair be my natural color and straight as a pin, the straight part much to my dismay. 

*Sorry. I had to do that. I felt left out without a link for my name, but I had to do it for laughs. If anyone got shocked by that, please make my day and tell me! 

**In case you're not aware a "hair virgin" is someone who has never dyed their hair. 


  1. Haha, I know! I can't dye my hair....I'd like to try henna, but I don't want to ruin the little hair I have.

  2. I lost my hair virginity awhile ago, but I've never done a daring color. I was thinking maybe for summer putting in a colorful streak. I'm kind of scared too! :) Where did she get that dye?

  3. You could try chalking your hair!!! You use chalk o rub color onto your hair. Then you can just wash it out!!

    Xo Michelle

  4. The dye I chose is called Deep Purple by Raw Color. Raw is only sold at Hot Topic, so I got mine online. I also dyed someone else's hair with Raw, but in the True Blue color and it worked just as well. The trick is to just leave it in as long as possible. If you only leave the dye in for an hour, it won't last as long. I left the dye in my hair for four hours and it turned out super dark, which is fading to so many different shades of purple. So if I were you, I'd definitely buy Raw from Hot Topic! It's also a pretty big bottle so I still have way more than half of the dye left for future dyes too!

  5. That is actually ridiculously a-MAZE-ing!! Love it.

    Aha, I love the term 'hair virgin'. That's me in a nutshell. Extreme is a fringe (bangs) for me. But I can't wait to dye my hair. I'm gonna dye it like a reddish-purple colour. :)

    Keep on keeping on,


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