Wednesday, March 7

My List of Mushiness


Because I'm a lazy bum and do not feel like going out and taking pictures I'm going to talk about the one person I could talk about for eons. (WARNING: Could get mushy...) Hunter. The boy. More importantly my boy. As I'm a list maker I thought I'd compile a list of some of my favorite things about him. 

1. This may be cliche and probably everyone says this about their person, but this kid's eyes are killer. They're big and blue and they twinkle and smile. 
2. He likes Harry Potter. He liked Harry Potter before I liked Harry Potter, but one time he totally ruined the series for me by telling me that Ron and Hermione get married. He felt bad. 
3. He's extremely silly sometimes. One time he tried on a dress of mine, and another time he dressed up as an old lady. Years ago he used to tell me all about all of his "near death experiences". And. And. AND. He does magic tricks, really good ones too. 
4. He sends me sweet messages like this after I go to bed:
5. He loves babies. I'm pretty sure there is nothing cuter than a teenage boy who loves playing with little babies. Seriously, it's adorable. 
6. He really is one of the most kind people I know. He rarely has something mean to say about anyone, and usually when he does it's pretty justified. It really does take a lot to tick him off.
7. He has the best laugh when he's really laughing. I can't even describe it. But it's wonderful.
8. Hunter is amazing at everything. And I'm so jealous of that. He is a secret musical genius. He is an amazing photographer. He can play any sport (except swim... he's not really a swimmer). It probably has something to do with his amazing ambition.
9. He is always warm. Which is really important to me, because I'm always cold. Very rarely have I been with him when he wasn't warm, and it's glorious. So. So. Glorious. He is like me eternal summer. 
10. He's mine. That's my favorite part. That he with all of his goodness is mine, even though I'm pretty horrible most of the time. I love him. And I'm pretty positive he love's me too. 

As I finish this I have realized something. As much as I joke around that I have him wrapped around my finger (which, for the record, i do.) he has me wrapped around his too. I would do practically anything for that boy. He's wonderful. 
Okay. End mushiness. 

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  1. Haha, your so cute Hannah! Hunter sounds like an amazing guy, you totally deserve him! The picture of you two is absolutely adorable by the way:) And Logan is totally a match for number 9! I swear, he's like a heater!


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