Saturday, December 10

what i wore//to bed

Last night as I was laying on my Mother's bed making a present for the beloved boy while Scar and Bekah were reading (speaking of which, Bekah has started reading Harry Potter. i'm raising her right.) I looked down and realized I was wearing coordinated pajamas. I have a firm belief that when your pajamas are matching you're going to have a really good night. Sort of like when your bra and panties match, you know you're gonna have a good day. It's proven. 
Because of this I made Scar take pictures. So consider this an outfit post: bedtime edition. 

As you read this I will be retaking my ACT. Please, if you care an ounce about me pray for me. I'm hoping to raise my score by at least two points, I'm hoping for three. But, lucky for me, one of my best friends since birth (Shout of to Mr. Benjamin) shall be taking it with me and I'm expecting a very fun ride to P-town. 

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  1. Your pajamas are so cute! I love the hello kitty shirt, and the pants look super comfy!


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