Tuesday, December 6

what i wore//in details

Sweater- Thrifted; Plaid Button Down- Thrifted; Destroyed Skinny Jeans- JCPenney; Earrings- Gift
The more I wear this sweater the more I love it. 
It's one of the warmest things I've ever worn, which is great because if you know anything about me you know I despise being cold. 
What's even better about this sweater is that I got it for a dollar and thirty-five cents. I rock. Plain. And. Simple.
Check out my moles. I love them. I have this thing for moles and freckles. I have plenty of moles to admire, but sadly no freckles. I love my moles though. Another thing I love about myself is my eyes. They're kind of a caramel-like color, and then they have these neat little black specks (even if I seem to have perpetual dark circles under them). Sometimes I just need to remind myself of the little things I like about me. I think it's good for one's self esteem. 

Well, I'm off to study for my ACT retake!
And practice for my piano recital. 
And get ready for Scarlett's birthday tomorrow! 
I also need to finish up some knitting... which I'll show you tomorrow.
Gees. I better sign off now before I remind myself of a million other things I should be doing instead of blogging. 

P.S. Remember to sign up for Secret Blogger! 
So far it's only Scar and me... and I don't know how that'll work. 

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