Wednesday, November 30

Secret Blogger 2011

So it's December! The season for giving and loving.
Let's spread the love this Christmas season!
In what way exactly do you ask? 
Through Secret Blogger (AKA Secret Santa)! 
Don't know the rules of the game? Tis fine, my lovely. You shall soon learn! 

Here's what we're gonna do:
1. Comment if you'd like to participate before 10 AM on December 7
In the comment please include your email address so I can get your mailing address.

2. I'll email you a person's name, address, and more information on December 7. 

3. You'll get to send something to another person and receive some goodies too! It can be anything, but let's keep the price under ten dollars. The best things to give are homemade so keep that in mind! You may send as many things as you'd like during the month of December, and remember letters or notes are just as great! 

Make sure to let other people know about Secret Blogger through your Blog and Twitter and any other means you have. When tweeting use @IvoryGiraffes!
Let's have some fun and get commenting! 

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