Tuesday, November 29

what to do when sick: a step by step guide

étape un:
Log into your Blogger account and complain about how sick you are, and tell everyone you might be MIA this week because of it. 

étape deux:
Heat up some good 'ole water and make some tea. I used Peppermint, but you can do whatever you prefer. After brewing your cup o' tea put a spoonful of honey in it, and mix it around some. Do not use that processed junk. Use real, natural honey. I got mine at the Bliss Store, I'll ship it to you if need be. (Repeat this step as often as desired.)

étape trois:
You will definitely need some snackage. I suggest Pistachios, because they're yummy, salty and overall delicious. Plus they're fun to open up. You will also at some point have to have some Chicken Noodle soup. Cambells or homemade. 

étape quatre: 
Find a comfy chair. I used a mushroom chair, because they're obviously the best but you may use a rocking chair or recliner as a substitute. You will also need a blanket. It's a requirement. Hello Kitty will double your happiness, so she's highly recommended. 

étape cinq:
Acquire some books. I'm using school books, but any ole' book will do. These will keep you entertained and  will also stimulate your brain so it doesn't turn to mush. 

étape six: 
After you've read until your eyes are sore I recommend watching a Disney movie. Any one will do, but I would say watching one with the word "ohana" in it will double your pleasure. 

Follow (and repeat)  these steps and you'll be sure to feel well again in no time! 


  1. This seriously sounds like the best day ever, sick or not. Everyone could use one of these days every once and a while. :)

    Oh! I also wanted to share my excitement about your excitement of finding me! I'm so glad you did- because I love your blog! (Did that make sense?)

    --Amanda :)

  2. You ate all of my pistachios man.


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