Friday, December 9

baby, it's cold outside

Sixteen pictures for Scar's Sweet Sixteen! 

1 & 2. Bekah and I made Scar some delicious cupcakes! 

3. The beginning of our trip to Gaylord!

4. Scar's brand new Pandora bracelet! 

5. The three of our Pandora bracelets all linked together. (My Motha's, Scars, and mine.) 

6. Went to Culver's for lunch! My favorite!

7. Another of Scar's birthday presents, Peacock ring from Claire's. 

8. I was in full force taking pictures of Scar (:

9 & 10. Yarn at Hobby Lobby! 

11. Hobby Lobby is seriously one of my favorite stores. They have everything from yarn, to scrapbook paper, to random household items such as mirrors!

12. Speaking of scrapbook paper, I was taking pictures of my favorites for inspiration for my Open House in the Spring.

13. Look how pretty all the colors are! Love. 

14. I ended up buying that pad of paper. 

15. This cracked me up. It reminded me of Hunter... because Hunter is his name, and he hunts. Oh hilarity! 

16. Scar looking quite pleased at the end of our shopping experience.

We actually did some more shopping (can anyone say two pairs of Blowfish boots for under $50??), but no more pictures. 

Have a superb Friday all! 


  1. These are quality pictures! I also love your glasses I have some that look similar. Great blog. :)

  2. @ C'est la Vie
    Actually, those are my sister's glasses. But aren't they rad?


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