Thursday, November 3

little ghost

I'm a bad blogger.
But that's okay. I've had a busy week. 
My Uncle came home for the weekend and it's the first time I've seen him since the fourth of July. So, I've been busy with that. And then it was Halloween (check out Scar's blog for pictures). I was a Garden Gnome, and it was pretty darn cute if I say so myself. The boy was a ghost. He's so adorable. 
Friday I went to Hunter's Cross Country meet. He got 27th! He's such a good one. He's also going to States with his whole team this weekend! He's very excited, and so I am. Hopefully I'll be able to watch it online. I'm very proud of the boy. Wish him luck!

Let me see... what else to say? 
I know not. 
I will talk to you all in a short while, my lovelies. 
Have a beautiful rest of your Thursday. (:

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