Monday, May 9

MMH #9

Basically this bike looks just like mine, and I need this shirt.
Simple as that.

2. Braid
Lately, I've just loved braids. I think it's because right now braids are the only way I can really keep my weird length bangs out of my face. And braids are really nice for work, which I'm always in need of good work things.

I just love paper lanterns, I really want some for my bunk. It's always in need of some light down in my cave. But these, these are just too cute.

4. Hello Kitty Maxi
I'm still iffy about maxi dresses. They look adorable on other girls, but I wonder if I'm waaay too short to even attempt to pull it off. But, sometimes you just gotta go with what you like and forget whether it looks fabulous on you or not. 

5. More Braids
I really want to figure out how to do this one. 
It's just so so pretty.
If anyone knows how, or knows what it's called so I can find some sort of tutorial, I'd be oh so grateful. (:

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  1. Oh my gosh--that last braid! I've been trying for so long to find what it's called or how to do it, with no success at either.
    And as I speak, I'm wearing a maxi dress, and I must say even if you don't love the way you look, they're by far the comfiest piece of clothing you'll own. I like them, because they give my long, curveless body some shape, and because it feels like you're wearing sweat pants. I think I might own about 58737830723726 of them. Just kidding. Sort of.
    Sorry about The. Longest. Comment. Ever.


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