Wednesday, May 4

and i brush and brush and brush and brush my hair

So now I shall tell you all why you're seeing my hair. 
Ever since I was little I've loved, loved, loved long hair. It's just soo pretty. Most of my life my hair has been super long (like to my butt). Every couple years I'll cut it all off (I've given 12 inches to Locks of Love three times) but I usually grow it back out soon enough. 
It's been awhile since I've grown it out, but I've decided I'm doing it! It hasn't been super long since... sixth grade maybe. But I'm gonna do it! 
So, once a month I'm gonna take a picture of my hair to see how much it's grown.
As of today my ponytail is 12 inches long.


  1. I donated my hair to Locks of Love once in probably 4th grade, and it grew back super quickly, but then one day last summer I randomly decided to get it cut a little longer than my shoulders, which I now regret because I constantly wish it was long again!
    Can't wait to see your (and your hair's) progress!
    Paige Renae

  2. Your hair is so long! and so shinyyyy! You lucky girls with fast-growing hair... mine grows about 1/3 of an inch per month. Ergh.


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