Wednesday, February 12

Let's Talk About Love

And, I don't just mean the lovey-dovey kind of love. I mean, true, real, unconditional love. Love between friends. Romantic love. Love of family. 
I think I've learned more this school year about love than I have in all of my previous years combined. I've learned about what it means to love people for where they're at and for who they are, especially when you're not overjoyed about where they're at and who they are at a particular moment. I've learned that if you're romantically committed to someone it's completely necessary to be understanding and supportive, because that may just be the best way to show them that you love them. I've learned that sometimes showing love means doing dishes. Like, gross dishes. Love, the true stuff, means that sometimes you'll be inconvenienced so that life is easier for the person you're loving. Love means giving your roommate your last two eggs. I've learned that love is patient, and kind, and everything else that 1 Corinthians 13 says. I've learned that love does not equal physically being near the person you love, therefore love does not mean kissing and hugging and cuddling. I've learned that loving someone means being positive and nurturing in tough situations, even if the situation seems bleak in the moment. Love is boundless. Love, true love, isn't so much about having really happy feelings, but more about trying to bless someone else. Loving someone isn't about me. Loving someone is about them. Because, there will be days when the person you're investing in is in a bad mood and that certainly doesn't feel good. There are messy feelings when people are involved, and if loving people was about good feelings we'd all be out of luck. Loving someone is about trying to make their life better because you see them as someone who is totally worth the effort, because it will take effort. A lot of effort. 

We love because he first loved us. -1 John 4:19

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