Monday, January 6

Transformation Tuesday

  Dear Hunter,
Three years ago on December 27th I had no idea how much you would mean to me right now in this second. I had no idea that you would go from a cute long haired 15 year old boy in a Carhart to a cute short haired 18 year old boy in basketball shorts and long socks. I had no idea that I would go from a really awkward super conservative home schooled 16 year old girl to a more confident and outspoken 19 year old college girl. What I really didn't know was that even though you and I have completely transformed, in most ways possible, we'd still be together. We've grown as two individual people, but we've done it together while accepting each other's changes. You've been there when I moved away, and I'll be there for you when you move away. This past year has brought so many changes for us, and this next year will bring even more. You're going to be going to college for the first time, and we'll be separated by even more distance. But I can't wait to take it on with you. Knowing that no matter how much we grow separately, hundreds of miles apart, we'll always come back together. I love you. And thank you for being with me for 3 years. That's longer than a lot of married people's entire relationships. And we are. And here we will remain. I love you.
Love Always,
Your Hannah

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