Monday, May 20


Nineteen years living on planet earth.
Nineteen years of living in Bliss.
Nineteen years of being Hannah Byard.
Nineteen years of learning, making mistakes, and being redeemed.
Nineteen years worth of tears, smiles, and laughs.

Three years without you on planet earth.
Three years of being in Bliss, but not at home.
Three years of being Hannah Byard, that girl without her Daddy.
Three years of learning, making mistakes, and being redeemed without you.
Three years worth of mourning, tears, and remembering happier times.

I'm stuck trying to figure out which number is more important. Nineteen, is obviously a bigger number. There are happier times in number Nineteen, and Sixteen of those years were spent with my Daddy. But Three seems to be longer. Three seems to be more important in the long run than Nineteen, or next year Twenty or the next Twenty-One. Three turns to Four, which turns to Five.

Happy Nineteenth Birthday to me.
Happy Three Years in Heaven, Daddy.


  1. Happy Birthday Hannah!

    This post is beautiful.
    Good luck with life.

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  2. ♥ Happy birthday! - Noelle


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