Monday, November 12

My Heart Will Sing No Other Name

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I have to go to chapel along with all of my other classes for the day. It's actually required for all students, but you do get to have 9 skips {or personal days} throughout the semester if need be. For the most part I enjoy it, but my very favorite days are the all worships days. This Friday was a worship chapel. While singing with 2,000 other college age people I was hit by so many things. One thing in particular:
That so many people my age are missing out. People who have tried churches, but only tried those ones where even playing the piano is a stretch. Churches where if there were drums inside the church it would practically be considered a sin. There's nothing wrong with these churches, but it doesn't exactly cater to the people my age. As I was singing Forever Reign I just was amazed knowing how much some people are missing when they're worshipping. That they don't even realize some of the songs that I have been singing for months of my life, and it's hindering their ability to reach out to God. Because of the worship style chose at the one church they've ever tried it's making them think that God is this stuffy old man, when that's not the case at all. 

May you listen and take it in. May you become full and whole knowing that God will forever reign. 

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  1. Awesome post. One of my favorite songs.


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