Tuesday, March 20

Guest Blogger: Locked Out

Let's all welcome the wonderful Michelle of Locked Out! I'm really grateful to have her guest blogging for me today, I really don't think I can fully tell you all how much it means to me. I'll be plunking away at my piano keys today, but I hope you enjoy these guest posts the next couple days.
10 Things I wish I’d known when I was 16

I’m 23. I’m basically ancient. 

I started writing short stories when I was 12. And when I was in middle school and high school, when I wanted a character to be really mature, I made him or her 23. All older siblings were 23. And at 23, I definitely don’t feel mature. Sometimes I just feel old. Like when a Justin Bieber song comes on the radio and I think it’s a girl singing. (Seriously, I thought “One Less Lonely Girl” was sung by a girl named Justine but her name was spelled funny. I am actually not being sarcastic.) 

When I look back at my high school years, I wish I could tell myself a few things. I can’t unfortunately and sometimes I’m glad I can’t. If I hadn’t lived through some really ridiculous stuff, I probably wouldn’t be quite as awesome as I am. Just saying. However, here are 10 things I wish I had known. 
10. Everything you’re into right now will seem really stupid when you’re older.
Like that obsession with giraffes. And Everclear*. Calm down, child. 

*However, a message Everclear sends you on Myspace will be the inspiration for your photography business. So maybe keep bugging them…

9. Everything your mother told you is at once a lie and completely true. She’s actually wrong, but the point is, she’s your mother. Just leave it there. Maybe going to a concert with a beer garden won’t turn you into an alcoholic overnight, but that’s not the point. Stop arguing. 

8. When your friend breaks up with her high school boyfriend for someone who is abusive, stay her friend. But don’t enable her, like some people might, just to stay her friend. She’ll push you away and say some really terrible things. When she leaves him, celebrate with her. 

7. Don’t wish you were older. Nothing is quite as shocking as having to pay a $203 power bill. You’ll wish for you’re independence and ability to do whatever you want. And then you’ll realize all that free heat for 18 years is the greatest thing ever.

6. Don’t start rumors. When I was in high school, I purposefully and maliciously started a rumor about a girl I personally didn’t like, but who was very ill and totally didn’t need any more drama in her life. I can’t tell you why I did it. She never knew it was me, but she ended up dropping out of school because things got so bad. I don’t remember her last name. But everyday, I wish I could call her and apologize. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done. 

5. You’ll thank yourself for not drinking. All of my friends drank in high school. I didn’t. And you know what? I’m glad I didn’t. In college, I had my share of really terrible nights (toga night my sophomore year is a particular memory--- and by that I mean, no memory). But I’m glad I saved it. High school is so easy and fun when you’re not risking your future on the weekends. 

4. Waiting six months to get your license doesn’t make you're a baby. You will end up engaged to a man who didn’t get a driver’s license until he was 21. And you won’t care. At all. Funny how these things that seem so traumatic end up being the stupidest things ever, right? 

3. Your best friend won’t be your best friend forever. Appreciate the times you have together. But people grow apart. And sometimes, people reveal how weird they are after graduation. There will be one girl in particular you’ll be kind of thankful you great apart from. 

2. Don’t worry so much about having a boyfriend. Or finding one. Not that you did. Remember when that supposed best friend called you a freak because you weren’t interested in having a boyfriend? And you were more concerned with having a career and being successful? Also, remember that time when she said her main goal in life was to make her man dinner and then get him a beer and give him a foot rub while he watched TV? 

Go ahead and read 3 again. I’ll wait. 

1. Bad things are going to happen. Sometimes, it seems like terrible things just happen everyday. To you and your group of friends. To your family. To the people you love. But things get better. Things change. Stay proud of yourself. There is power in believing the world owes you something, still, if you work hard enough for it. Never stop working, even when you’re so hurt, you don’t think you can go on. 
Michelle blogs over at Locked Out about life, fashion, and photography. She comes to you live from the wilds of Oregon, where she grew up. She is 23, a writer, photographer, and receptionist. She spends most of her time wondering if people will judge her for having another snack. 


  1. Lovely post but I don't think that link is to her blog. Maybe check it out yourself and then change it?
    I'd really like to see her blog!

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  2. funny but true post liked it alot

  3. Not sure if I agree of the world "owing" us anything - However, I like the staying strong message and enjoyed the post!


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