Friday, November 18

what i wore//a first.

hello kitty slippers- gift; leggings- walmart; scarf- gift; t-shirt- hand me down
For Halloween I had to get some leggings, and I decided I'd try them out. But, I've assembled some rules to leggings. They are as follows:

1. You must wear something loose on top.
You don't wanna show off everything.

2. You gotta wear tights underneath.
Cause even though I take pride in my cute undies (my motto is life is too short to wear boring underwear.) the whole world doesn't need to see them. 

I'm pretty sure those are the only two. But if you follow them you will be full of success in your legging wearing adventures. 
Cause, hello, these things are the comfiest things I've ever worn! I was totally against wearing leggings because they're not pants. But my perspective has been changed, my lovelies. These things are almost as good as not wearing pants at all, and you all know how much I love not wearing pants! (seriously. if you come to my house you better call first cause chances are i'm in my underwear.)

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