Tuesday, May 10


Let's pretend that my eyes are open in that last picture, k? 
The wind is... well, windy. And it's sorta rainy.
Which this kid isn't happy about. 
Ok, Lauren, stop talking about the weather. It's not interesting.

I didn't even wear this outfit out of the house today, how lame am I? 
Actually Tuesdays are my "go nowhere" days. So it's fairly normal. 
I actually like it. It's like... country chic. Maybe. 

So in other news, I was thinking about how people sometimes look down on fashion bloggers because they think they're obsessed with themselves because they take so many pictures. But I was thinking, those of us who post pictures of ourselves often, we're pretty brave! It sometimes doesn't do much for one's self esteem to look at the pictures. Especially if the outfit didn't work too well. 

Ok. So now that I've bored you, I'm gonna get going on a bike ride. (:

The Equation
Rascal Flatts Tee (Concert)
Billabong Button Up (Borrowed from Scar)
Dark Wash Shorts (J.C. Penney)
Grey Tights (Payless)
Black Cowboy Boots (Gift)
Cowgirl Chic


  1. You look adorable! I agree--we sure are brave for putting ourselves out there nearly every day...the good, the bad, and the fabulous. I think that bravery is what is nagging in my mind, telling me to post the pictures from yesterday that I hate--because as style bloggers, our job is to share our fashion with others.
    Again, cute outfit!

  2. @Paige Renae
    You should definitely post it! I'm sure you looked adorable! I find that I'm way harder on myself than anyone else ever is. It's hard being brave, tho.


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