Friday, May 6


I'm addicted to Vanilla Coke. 
It's like a source of happiness to my soul. 
I kid you not. 
It's really hard to come by, and there's only one store within an hour of me that I know sells it. Whenever I go there, I get one and it's such a wonderful little treat. 
To me, drinks are waaay yummier than a candy bar or some other for of goodie. 
My favorites are:
1. Vanilla Coke
2. Naked Juice. If you haven't ever tried it. Just do it. NOT the green. The green is gross, you gotta go for the blueish-purple one. It's da bomb.
3. Tea. Of any sort. Hot tea. Iced Tea. Sweet Tea. Green Tea. I drink it all.
4. Monster. I know it's not really good for you or whatever, but I don't give a hoot. I don't drink it that often and it's delicious. 
5. Jilbert's Chocolate Milk. There is no better chocolate milk than Jilbert's. 
Thing numba six: I like to drink. Ha. 
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