Sunday, May 15


Tho I'm seen as a "preppy" girl, I want a nose piercing. 
Never a ring, but a little, cute, pretty stud. I know some people are definitely not fans of piercings other than ears, but I figure if you can rock it... Do it. Many facial piercings (is that what they're even called??" I feel would look just stupid on me. Like Monroes are cute, but I couldn't pull them off. But I feel like I could do a nose stud, and I think if they're done right they can really add some prettiness. 
Ahh, I can't decide whether I should or not. But I shall decide soon.

P.S. The past two days I've worn these two super duper cute outfits, but as I've been having to leave earlyish for work I could photograph them. I'll put them back on and make Scarlett take some pictures for you all (:

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  1. I have a hidden love for piercings, and sometimes, just sometimes, tattoos, but I'm quite often seen as this super girly girl who wouldn't even consider these things. I think you could totally rock a nose stud, and hopefully when I'm a wee bit older my parents will let me.

  2. @Paige Renae I think tattoos can be so so pretty, I'm just WAY too chicken to get them!


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